How do I put a vacation hold on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

St. Louis Post-Dispatch regional newspaper in St. Louis, Missouri, many times we want to cancel a subscription of a print edition newspaper for vacations and we want to avoid charges because we can’t receive it, most of the print edition subscriptions you get also the digital edition, but for many to be subscribed to the print version is because they want to.

In order to cancel a St. Louis Post-Dispatch subscription and request a cancellation or vacation hold we must be aware of the terms and conditions of your subscription and request cancellation or vacation hold in advance to avoid charges before the billing deadline.

Frequently asked questions

can I access the digital version?

As we mentioned before, all print edition subscribers have access to the digital subscription. You must log in to the website with the email address you used when you signed up for your subscription.

What does my subscription include?

With any of the subscriptions you get unrestricted web and app content unless otherwise stated in the terms of use.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. When you cancel, you will not be charged for the next billing period.

How to request St Louis Post Dispatch newspaper vacation hold

  1. Enter the Help portal for subscribers who have the service “Stltoday help subscriberHow do I put a vacation hold on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  2. Click “Manage your existing home delivery account “ or “Vacation Hold “ Both take you to the same page, click “Manage Your subscription “
  3. Login for “Manage Your subscription “ do I put a vacation hold on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  4. Enter your subscriber data if you do not have you can create a new account.
  5. Click “Temporarily Stop Print delivery “ If you link the subscription to your account you must fill out the contact form in order to link your account.

DELIVERY ALERT: Please call 314-340-8888 for additional help

Maybe it’s an opportunity to use the digital version St. Louis Post-Dispatch has an app for Android and Apple as an advantage you get frequently updated news as well as photos and videos. Plus, you can get the print version in digital.

What are the advantages of the digital newspaper?

The digital newspaper is the modern alternative to the traditional newspaper, thanks to the Internet it is easier for people to access this resource in order to be informed of a wide variety of news, news and topics of interest that may occur around the world. The presence of digital newspapers in today’s world can bring numerous benefits for people.

  • Varied topics : Another benefit is the variety of information available, users can find in the same space, numerous news on specific topics such as sports, health, fashion or politics are also organized into categories so it is easier for users to search the digital newspaper and find the news of interest.
  • Real time information : The news is available as soon as the news has happened. As it is a digital media, it is faster and more efficient the way in which information can be shared, even when it comes to keep updated as new events related to each news item are developed.
  • Full access : The greatest benefits of a digital newspaper is the possibility of accessing the content at any time. Being a digital platform, it is available 24 hours a day throughout the year, users can access to know the news that most interest them, regardless of the time or place where they are and access from any electronic device connected to the internet from computer, tablet or mobile.
  • Complete information : The news are better written and easy to understand, so it is very easy for people to be informed in the right way at the time of reading can be accompanied by multimedia content, such as photos or videos, so you can know the news in a more complete way, with images of the news that has occurred, which with the traditional newspaper can not be obtained, since it is limited to the use of photos and text.

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Google News

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Google News
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Microsoft Start
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The Guardian

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USA Today

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USA TODAY: US & Breaking News
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BBC News

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BBC: World News & Stories
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