How to Tracking atlas shippers package

Atlas Shippers International, Inc is a cargo company founded by a Filipino who saw the need to make shipments from the United States to the philippines with his Sea Freight service Door-to-door shipping service to the Philippines. in addition to offering money Remittance through an authorized UniTeller Agent.

All Atlas Shippers shipments include an alphanumeric tracking number that serves as an identifier to be able to track your shipment and know the exact location of the shipment and know what dates the packages would be being delivered, to be able to track it you can do it directly from its website or you can also do it from its application available for Android.

Have you ever wanted a specific product that is not available in the Philippines? It is a great advantage of buying from thousands of US stores. Send and forward your packages anywhere in the Philippines directly to your door.

How to track shipment from Atlas shippers international Inc

  1. Enter the following address in the browser Tracking
  2. The next thing to do is to enter your shipping information or rather number tracking

How to Tracking atlas shippers packageIf you want to track the shipments from the phone you recomeindo download the app Atlas shippers.

Atlas Shippers Inc - Invoice T
Atlas Shippers Inc - Invoice T
Developer: Atlas Shippers Intl
Price: To be announced

How to buy a website from US you do not make shipments to the philippines

Have you ever wanted to buy products in web pages of the united States, because they have a much lower price compared to the local price, or perhaps not is available in your city, many of the stores do not ship outside of the united States.

One way to troubleshoot is to make use of the services of forwarding packets that offer some of the companies the service of international shipments that are what can products to foreign countries.

These companies will offer their business address, which is located inside of the united States to put as a shipping address. In this way the product will be shipped from the store to the company of forwarding that will finally be able to send the product to your country.

How can I obtain an address of EE. UU. For free?

SkyBox, it has an annual fee for being a member of SkyBox 12 dollars for the first year. It also offers the service of consolidation, but it takes a fee associated to the part of the own shipping and are responsible for preparing the papers necessary for the purchase to pass the customs. They also have a points program that you can get through the purchases and which can later be redeemed for money.

Shipito, a company that facilitates an address in the USA and also manages the shipping from there to our home. The big advantage is that we can have an address in the united states without local taxes, and buy in shops that only make shipments within the u.s. territory.

Grabr, an app that allows you to buy in foreign stores through people who are traveling.

How does it work?

  • Choose your product, Create an order in the application with the product you want and add the details about the store where it can be purchased, the price and when you want to receive your purchase.
  • Wait for offers from travelers Once this is done, your request will be sent to many people who are in the country of your purchase and who will return to your country in the period of time in which you want your delivery. Then the buyers will make you offers on the commission.
  • Agree to payment The app automatically calculates the applicable fees and taxes, including the reward you agree to pay your traveler for delivering your item. If your traveler does not deliver the order for whatever reason, you will receive a full refund
  • The purchase will only be asked for payment when both parties agree. The payment is made direct to the application, which will hold it. The traveler buys the product of his money.
  • The delivery must coordinate a time and public place to meet the buyer. When you receive your purchases you will only have to confirm the delivery from the application so that he receives the payment.

Why to buy directly in the U.S. the advantages?

Many people are still buying products in the united States and bringing them back to their countries through the services of casillero virtual by the advantages of buying products in the united States.


a Greater variety of products in the market of the united States. u.s. remains the largest consumer of products, which makes the product offer is very wide.


To be a market with so much on offer and so full of consumers, is much given to an interesting competition. If you are a buyer sophisticated, you can find many tools and websites that let you compare prices, references, guarantees and features in literally thousands of sites and shops.

Fast transportation

in the united States is heavily developed. Despite the fact that the country is very big, it is very easy to receive products in one or two days. Even vendors such as Amazon, are implementing methods of shipping which outweigh any barrier of time, delivering even a few hours after the purchase.


most of the products sold in the united States are not produced in the country, the prices are almost insurmountable. the variety of shops makes it easy to compare prices and go for the cheapest, coming to a discount of up to 95% of the original price. This kind of offerings is only possible in online platforms. In addition, many of these services do not charge the shipping cost so the price becomes almost the same as the cost of the factory.


In a market with so much on offer and demand, online shops in USA are still the safest in the world. Websites such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, among others. They are portals to spend a huge amount of money to avoid security issues on their sites.


In the united States where there is Black Friday, which offers really incredible. But you don’t have to wait for the Black Friday or Cyber Monday to find deals, the greater part of the store offer discounts similar to journal. The united states has a range of extremely large products and services. Many places sell the same or very similar models makes the prices are not high at having to remain competitive.


The warranty is something inherent to the purchases in the united States. You should not worry if you are not satisfied with any product, you can return in almost all cases. The laws of trade of the country, protect the consumer. Such is the degree of assurance that many people abuse the purchase, use and return.