Hajduk Stanko Prepricano

Already in the preface Branislav Nusic stresses that the book is a description of his childhood experiences in an old large oak tree next to the Danube bank in which to climb, he and five of them and hung out regularly on Thursdays and Sundays. There were six of \”fixed\”:

Zika tatterdemalion that he could not remember the lessons taught, and called it tatterdemalion it was all wobbly and everything hung on it, and notebooks and his clothes were always dirty from ink stains.
Already in the preface Branislav Nusic stresses that the book is a description of his childhood experiences in an old large oak tree next to the Danube bank in which to climb, he and five of them and hung out regularly on Thursdays and Sundays. There were six of \”fixed\”:

Zika tatterdemalion that he could not remember the lessons taught, and called it tatterdemalion it was all wobbly and everything hung on it, and notebooks and his clothes were always dirty from ink stains.

Mile Sparrow Sparrow was given the nickname because he always digging in his pockets, took out the crumbs of bread and chewed them. He was one of the worst students. The only thing he knew he had been corresponding objects from the Christian science or history.

Mita Trta jee on everything he knew how to cry. He had a good heart, but he was very lazy. The school responded when the suit is minimal and slow as if it were too tired for him. He was the hardest to get out of bed in the morning and was in the house called Trta and the nickname remained.

Laza was Cvrca najduhovitiji, the smallest and the biggest coward. He knew it everything to perform, to put the leg behind the door or to make a face like a frog, but he stuttered when you need to match the first year of high school. Is it really stuttered or made silly as Sima GLUVAĆ never known.

Sima GLUVAĆ while they were playing was not deaf, but when it should be made to answer that question, but does not hear the answer what he knew, and Steve even in other subjects. One day they came to class the class, teacher and doctor, and questioned him because they heard from someone that he was not deaf. Pretended he still deaf, until they were told in whispers that they should be beaten. Although Sima whisper he heard them and began to cry. Then he tried to get away to hear only one ear, so that suddenly began to hear and to another, but he was fired from the school with the right to take the exam you failed, so he repeated the first grade.

Ceda Brba Brba got the nickname because it is a wrong sign on the control. Threw him out of school because he was a real pest, he knew that other children can not withdraw to learn and became the apprentice baker. He was the strongest of all and he lied a lot to iron rod will bend hands, as he was in the circus offered money to fight, everyone knew that lying, but they pretended to believe him because he was afraid. But it was just, is less guarded. Once the school made a bang that was spilled on the floor between the bench and from whom are all cess. The professor is annoyed because the whole class cess, but then it started to itch, and so he tried to investigate, but did not work and then let the whole class home.

For myself Nusic says that the only thought of himself as a good child. He was a good student. He did not like to go to school and again when he hurt a tooth mother did not let him go. Since then, as a mother, father, sister, brother, tooth hurts, it does not go to school. The professors punish him for it.

Thursday afternoon they had no school to homework, but that was their favorite day of the oak tree. They started to argue about something, then move on to another topic, and so on, until they would not be tired, and make a ball of tow and played football on the field until evening.

Sunday was different. Ceda Brba came only on Sunday, up early to early in the morning and sitting in a tree waiting for society and the most talked about his \”exploits\”. Some were true. In a vain some Italian had his point with a monkey dressed in a suit and generals trained dog who was osedlan like a horse. Italian to the monkey performed the first part of the point, and then he told the Italian \”Avanti\” (translated \”Forward\”) and the monkey will jump on the dog and so would optrcali few rounds to the delight of the audience. Ceda has brought a large dog and malicious when the Italian said \’Avanti\’ let him. This is attacked italijanovog dog to kill it and certainly would have done it to him at one point crazed monkey has jumped on my back and grabbed him firmly by the neck. This was greatly frightened and started to run. They found them in the woods, was a monkey in a tree, and only after much persuasion he agreed to come down and then the Italians embraced as scared as a man, while the dog was lying exhausted.

At the other end of the village lived Matamuta. His name was Mata, but he was dumb from birth, and called him Matamuta. He was incredibly strong and turned away from the other children, he worked with his father around the house. The power of his children were among the legends told. It is very infuriating fetuses Brbu ii he went to him with two Hail challenges to see who is bigger hero. When they arrived near remembered that it is not smeared with oil and hands so that he could not fight. Some believe some do not. The following week he came with curved head and described how Matamutu beaten, but the company is known that a day before beating the boss. Of course they all pretended to believe him. He came to the oak, and everyone said he was determined to force an outlaw. The whole society suited him and was said to have been kidnapped by brigands as bad, attack, do bad things. But then Brba persuade them to do good things and asked who else going to the outlaws. Cvrca was first reported. When he was asked why society astonishment he replied to his mother every Saturday Cup, so he went to the only outlaw to save it. Then he agreed and tatterdemalion. Other companies are reluctant. Since it was Wednesday, they agreed that the next day to find the oak, and what they say is who decides. It is not an easy decision. Sometimes, during the Turkish brigands were protecting the people. At a meeting with the Orasac Karadjordje, they came all the elders hajducke, most notably Hajduk Veljko and Stanoje Glavas, the oldest among them. First they asked him to lead the uprising, but he refused and they then chose Karadjordja. These brigands were honored heroes and dispersed society thinking that if these robbers today are heroes or just bandits.

The next day they agreed that all the outlaws. They played the outlaw games, a stone\’s throw from the shoulder, fiddle, and made the evening agreed to find in an old mill on the outskirts of the village which was burned down long ago and no it is not repaired or is anyone here dropped. There are selected for fetuses Brbu \’Aramba¨a – elders. The next day the school was closed until further notice because of the outbreak. The whole society gathered in the oak and then \’Aramba¨a decided that the next day early in the morning to find the grave Makes frogs and take an oath. Max Zaba was not a hero, but a thief who was shot He killed someone in a robbery and there buried. At this spot, before he was shot and buried by brigands, but their graves have disappeared over time, remained the only visible tomb. There have sworn, but it did not appear Cvrca. He explained that afternoon, the oak is not a traitor but he asked his mother to wake up early because it is going to take an oath for the outlaws, and in the morning his father entered the room with belts and beaten him. They decided to be tried by an old mill in the afternoon because he broke the vow of silence. After deliberation they were all for it to be tethered Cvrca drive and to be forgiven, and that on Saturday and went to the grave with the child of an oath and sparrows. On Sunday did not go to the oak, but everyone at home preparing to go to outlaw. The next morning all were found and moved. From the \”arms\” had a knife, fork and a needle.

The first night they made a plan to rob the passenger car, the minstrels chose Sparrow, lit a fire in the dead of night Ceda first, and then the others followed him, ended up in a tree because they are scared ass, which are not seen at first because it was night . When they saw that the donkey, they returned the fire, but no one could sleep, and Ceda Brba suggested that each tell a story, to cover the time until morning.

Brbina story was about the King who was unable to find an answer to three questions – when was the strongest man in order to avoid death and whether you should just listen to the advice yourself or a friend. Because these questions are dressed in beggars and toured half the world until he heard of a child for whom Mark Kraljevica have talked to before the age of one year to walk and speak, that the year was already so strong that it broke the hands of nuts , with two years of riding, but it was most important. Treskavica monks from the monastery to get off in Prilep to admire his wisdom. When the king found himself in a suit mendicant Mark this he replied that the man is strongest when defending justice, to live after death if he did good deeds and good to listen to the advice of friends, because hardly anyone likes to see its flaws. Car is impressed answers and returned to his kingdom, and sent gifts to Mark that this has divided the poor. He kept only the golden sword and mace.

GLUVAĆ story is about a young Kozara which is in the mountains tending his goats from morning to evening. One day they see a kid is gone too high, and climbed up the rock to drop it when he sees a beautiful flower that is the kid wanted to feed. He introduces the kid to the fold and how the flower was beautiful, but nearly wilted without water, he went to the spring, filled her cup with water and watered flower. Since then it is washed down every day and enjoyed its beauty and fragrance. One day a storm broke the flower and the goatherd had spent all day looking for him. I found him in the woods and brought it home and put into the water where they recovered a little flower. That night he dreamed a dream in which the old man told him to go where there was a flower and you will find a treasure you move rocks. I actually found a young goatherd was slightly, but did not want to touch it because it was not his. When the night worried about the flowers arrived home he found a beautiful girl who has to explain to him that she was the flower originated from the tears of her mother by the Empress\’s father drove away. Before the work in the white world, hid the treasures there. The girl told him that all his treasure because it\’s only because she came up, nurtured and loved.

Trtina story is about a dream in which he dreamed of a car and to do good deeds for the people. When the courtiers asked him what he wants he ordered him to buy a red candy, cake and make a harness kocije next day. He dreamed that still had eaten beans and woke up just when it should begin to eat cake. The whole day was just sad and the maid told his dream because he knew how to interpret dreams. She told him that he would soon something happens to me a great joy ahead, and that he will do everything to happen noon. In the meantime, his father left the church, he met a professor who is the Rub said the worst, came home angry, never izmlatio it as and when the maid asked Trta so bad that she interpreted the dream told him to hit a single thing, and that is that will happen very quickly.

Sparrow is the story of the mass that could not get out of their holes of a cat who sets out to eat it. We began the story with cats and they agreed that it does not affect macak, and that leads him on other mice to eat them, so what will they say that this cat has licked brandy and drank it. They agreed that the mouse comes out of their holes, and show others that they can to jump on the cat and set free. Miss mice led and told them that this cat has drunk, came out of the hole and started to jump over him and around him, and began to bite his mustache. Macak it was at that moment seized in his teeth and told him not to touch the other mice, but that will kill him because he betrayed his race and to know that tomorrow will be issued as well. I ate it.

Cvrcina story about his brother Perry who went to sister\’s dolls hair Cup. The mother saw him and thrashed, and my sister is very angry with him. As it was a good liar Pera managed to persuade his sister to have plucked out the dolls because they had a fight in a closet, where they were hiding from his sister, who was nicer in the window, until it was purchased.

Dronjina story is about a rich man who has acquired great wealth through his work helping the poor and was not stingy, but he was worried about whether his son will be able to preserve this treasure, or will break down from so many pairs that have to date did not work. One night is uzidao treasure in the walls while the son was not there in the morning and broke the windows that appear to have been stolen. Son was the evil treasure, but even more his father, and he began to work all the time saving. Saved by a horse and told his father that all the spare time and that the horse will earn more and save more to open small shops, so that even better live. When my father heard it, asked him to buy a pickax and forced to break the walls. When he saw the treasure, the son asked his father why he did it. His father said that he wanted to teach him how difficult it was to acquire and preserve wealth.

My story (Nusiceva) Pustoglavicu about Raki, thine only son, very naughty and disobedient child. The parents were desperate. One day they went to the circus and animal trainer father see how he performs his point with a variety of animals and went to him asking to see if he can help his son around. Dresser agree and come to their house. Since the cancer did not want to come to him, he took a riding-crops and izmlati it. For lunch Cancer pushing plate of soup, a trainer izmlati him again and told the parents to give him to eat only when he prayed. After lunch he threatens nauzi if you do not have anything until tomorrow, that will not do well. The next day he learned all the cancer. Dresser did not explain to parents that children brought up good beating, but it was the only way. Since that day the cancer has completely changed and the children called him: trained Cancer.

In these stories, one by one fell asleep. They woke up tired, nazuljani, frozen, hungry and thirsty. They did not know what to eat, try the pumpkin, grass, earth, bark, there was no water anywhere, and they were too weak to launch an attack. Meanwhile, the parents found that children have no home. When night fell, but the mothers were very concerned and angry fathers. The next morning they went up fathers and ODOC to the Chief and told him how things stand, and since this was a good started immediately to investigate. First, to inquire about the journeyman baker, tatterdemalion and found out his whip and drove the baker because he stole two pretzels. The Mayor is asked to search forests and other children at the end of the day exhausted and curled up on the ground find a cop with a club and together with them magareto locked in a sty full of fleas, the night gave them bread and straw to sleep. In the morning, because he alerted the Mayor that he found them, take them to their village. Chief tip-off parents to wait for \”outlaw\” on the road so as not to brukali the village. Despite expectations of children that their parents izljubiti happy to see them, they immediately isprebijase fathers. Ceda Brba was beaten and the former boss because he was out of malice when he fired this, rasekao sacks with flour, otsekao rope to a bucket for the well and let the canary in the cage which the master loved. 2 weeks no one came to Oak tree. All were dismissed from school. The whole village of them laughed. After 2 weeks they all gathered Cede except that which is moved in one segrtuje cobblers. There they vowed never to make such nonsense.