dynacorn vs goodmark quarter panel camaro

dynacorn vs goodmark quarter panel camaro Going to replace quarters in the camaro.Who makes a good full quarter in todays market? thanks

dynacorn vs goodmark quarter panel camaro Going to replace quarters in the camaro.Who makes a good full quarter in todays market? thanks


  • We just used goodmark parts. They seem pretty nice
  • Hopsing Lee makes all of them in china, just ask what gauge they are, there are 3 different levels, some are paper thin some are mid grade and some are heavy gauge. most fit fine as long as you get the full quarter, most of the \”patch panels\” fit like crap.
  • About 3 or 4 years ago, Classic Industries or OER supposedly acquired some GM Tooling equipment and were supposed to start doing fenders and quarters in the USA. Using original GM tooling.

    Anyone ever hear of this coming to fruition?

  • Never mind, after seeing the prices on that shit…I could spend plenty of time making the Chinese shit fit.
  • Well, when you consider \”time is money\” the GM Restoration parts are far better. They include the full door jamb, sail panel, and trunk jamb to the factory seams. Plus the body lines are sharp and correct; makes a big difference in the final product.
  • tamraz auto parts out of chicago. they sell on ebay also. use their panels, roof, quarters, rockers, etc. to build panel cars. fit great, not thin junk. full quarters are $300 each.
  • Even though its a big tire car, thats what i was looking for, something that would still line up with jambs and around the trunk and rear valance without having to spend alot of time trying to get it to fit up.
  • Camaro barn in Rocky Point, NC seems to have some of the best prices I\’ve seen. The 69 Camaro quarter I just got from them is a Goodmark product and a much better product than a set that I bought for another car from NPD last year. 

I got my start as a body man at age 17 in 1977,and have changed plenty of OEM quarters on that generation Camaro.The issue was the stamping dies,I saw excellent,good and not so good new quarters.GM stamped so many that their dies would tend to go soft(dull lines,divots etc.)and after reworking them,all good,straight as string.That being said,I have had little experience with aftermarket,or the so called factory resto parts.I do know that putting in the full quarter,the sail panel was difficult,especially on the forward edge under the drip rail,and the seam inside the trunk jamb.We eventually cut them at the top of the body line,and steel weld the length and file smooth,then lead the three inch area towards the door,the same down the valley just inside the door opening.This seemed the way to go,as this was less invasive,and correctly done was a sound repair.The last one I did was a Pro Street car,with big tires.I carefully cut out the wheel lip two and a half inches forward and aft of the real wheels,and tapered the cut so that the top was only one quarter inch higher than original,(the original flare was undisturbed)then cut that peice into four peices,and added a top center peice after I moved out the other four.It looked original,one really had to look to see it was modified and how that tire and wheel fit underneath there (the owner had to undo the shocks and lower the rearend).Good luck with your endevour.