Hooter Math Games

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Hooter Math Games o Hooda Math Games I have observed on several occasions how a good game in a math class brings satisfaction and enjoyment, while participants requires effort, rigor, attention, memory, etc.. And I checked also how some games have become powerful mathematical learning tools. Games with primary mathematical content can be used, inter alia, for:

Encourage the development of mathematical content in general and of logical and numerical in particular.
Develop strategies to solve problems.
Introduce, reinforce or strengthen a specific content of the curriculum.
Diversify didactic proposals.
Encourage the development of self-esteem of children.
Motivate, awakening the students' interest in mathematics.
Connecting the mathematician with a possible reality of school.

Math Games

Catch the Fly
Hooter Math Games

Mr. Frog needs you to give him the x, y coordinates for a fly so he can dine!

Number Cop
Hooter Math Games

Pick numbers by their divisibility, and don't crash into any of them!

Algebra vs. the Cockroaches
Hooter Math Games

Hooter Math Games